Are you wanting to become a Renegade Soccer Training Affiliate? If so, you're in the right place!

Renegade Soccer Training is the #1 online soccer training platform in the world with 50,000 customers across the globe and growing by the day. 

The reason Renegade Soccer Training has grown so big so fast in the past 6 years is because of our...

Easy to use training programs

World class sales, marketing, and support

7000+ member community on FB

Measured results & progressive stacking system

True passion for player development

Constant and consistent NEW OFFER promotions multiple times a year

We're really excited to be launching this affiliate program to provide content creators, soccer clubs, and influencers the ability to make some money while providing tremendous value and positively changing the soccer training landscape. 

Plus, we’re constantly improving, iterating, and innovating.

And that means fresh, new products and offers to share with your list and promote on an ongoing basis.

The Affiliate Program is second to none when it comes to support, kick-butt training, and fast payouts.

Affiliate Success

When you become a Renegade Soccer Training affiliate, we do everything in our power to help ensure your success.

That includes providing you with winning, time-tested, and proven marketing assets to promote Renegade Soccer Training and any of our additional offers.

So inside your Affiliate Portal, you get all the ads, copy, banners, emails, graphics, tools, and your personal Affiliate ID Links for each product promotion.

AND, you get your own ‘sticky cookie,’ so you never miss out on a sales commission!

Your Affiliate Community

In addition, you also have access to our Renegade Soccer Training "Affiliate Squad" community on Facebook...

Where you’ll find like-minded affiliates just like you ready to help, support, and share invaluable tips and strategies for growing your list and promoting Renegade Soccer Training.

The sharing and support you get are truly unmatched.

Just about everything you need (and more) to succeed and grow your business is waiting for you inside your Affiliate Membership Portal.

Affiliate Earnings & Payout

Renegade Soccer Training provides three different affiliate levels. Everyone starts at the PRO level and unlocks higher commission rates as you generate more sales. The breakdown is as follows:


Everyone starts here.

  • 25% commissions on all programs
  • 10% commission on order bumps and upsells


Unlocked when you make 3 consecutive months over 100 orders OR produce $10,000 in total commissions

  • 40% commission on all programs
  • 20% commissions on all order bumps and upsells


Unlocked when you make 3 consecutive months over 1000 orders OR produce $100,000 in total commissions

  • 75% commission on all programs
  • 30% commissions on all order bumps and upsells
So, for a $127 sale, we would pay $31.75 (25% of $127). In most cases, we have sales funnels in place meant to upsell customers. In this scenario, if a customer choose to add on the upsell to their order, you'll earn an additional commission based on your tier. 

Commissions are paid after a 30 day "cooling off" period (due to potential refunds or cancellations) and are sent directly to your Paypal account.

Our payouts are automated and in order to become an affiliate you must have a paypal account. 

How Does It Work?

We run our affiliate program through a third party service called ThriveCart. 

All affiliates must first fill out an affiliate application (found below). It'll take up to 72 hours to be approved. Once approved you'll be sent a link for you to create an affiliate account with ThriveCart. This is where you'll add your Paypal information. 

Next, all affiliates must complete tax documentation (so you can get paid right away!) Affiliates must upload their W9/W8 and will be prompted to do so when creating your ThriveCart account. 

If you are outside the US and have questions or concerns about which documents need to be submitted, we do recommend reaching out to a local tax professional in your area.

Once you complete your set up, you're ready to rock and roll!

We want to make sure you have a seamless, no-hassle experience as an affiliate and member of our Renegade Soccer Training family and we want to get you approved and up and running as quickly as possible so you can start your journey as a Renegade Soccer Training Affiliate.

Kindly take a moment to review the FTC Endorsement Guidelines.

And that’s it. Pretty simple.

If you have ANY questions for us, please reach out to our amazing support team simply by email us at [email protected]

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