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Technical Mastery

No quality player reaches their fullest potential without dedicated training to master ball control. Whether it is first touch and speed of play, handling the ball in tight spaces when the pressure is high, or taking on a defender by dribbling and blowing past them, an improvement in ball control without fail means an improvement on the field.

With Renegade Soccer Training, improvement is assured by utilizing our four step mastery process called our Ball Control Pyramid. By progressing through each stage of physiological development, players are challenged, but not frustrated. Beginning with rhythm and coordination, gross motor skills are practiced thousands of times to develop flow and newfound motor patterns. Precision must be added once gross skills are mastered, so each technique can produce the direction and pace required to beat defenders. Next comes Timing to know exactly when a technique is to be used and what spacing is required. Finally, pressure is increased up to Game Speed.

First Touch and Speed of Play

From the moment a ball is played to you, your awareness, body position and first touch need to be perfect. The ability to scan the field as the ball is being struck to you comes from the calm confidence that only comes from thousands of touches day in and day out. Whether the first touch is to gather the ball tight to you, touch it into space, or to 1-touch a ball to increase the rate of play, mastering first touch has applications every time you get the ball passed to you. Wall work, juggling, and partner control games make up the basis for first touch and speed of play.

Ball Control

The game is made of many game changing moments, but often these come during high pressure and tight control situations. Where a defender or defenders are surrounding you, and the creativity to turn, shield, pull, and cut a ball is the only thing that separates you from passing out of pressure from the dreaded turnover. Turns, shields, ticks, pulls, sole rolls, and escape touches must all become part of your arsenal, and must simply become reactionary for you. Movement in tight space without thought, so only that primal reactive ability is what flows through your mind when the pressure is applied. The ball becomes part of you, and moves with you, dancing around would be defenders. Our proprietary BURST workouts form the basis for learning these skills in a small grid. Literally thousands of touches are performed in each 20-minute workout set to music.


We’ve all watched in awe as those magical strikers and wingers carve up the field with the ball at their feet, creating opportunities to score or leaving defender with buckled knees and twisted bodies. By working through our ball control pyramid, even players uneasy on the ball find new confidence because motor learning is done progressively through our Total Control System. Before long, players who traditionally pass the ball away find themselves seeking opportunities to take players on in the attacking third.