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You can become a drastically different player in 60 days. Evolution of Touch is a system designed for you to completely improve your ball control, fitness, and confidence by getting thousands of touches on the ball. With over 35 soccer drills, you can benefit from a complete system that takes out all the guess work and provides you with step-by-step coaching and instruction.

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When it Comes to Players' Ability to Control the Ball, They're Two Major Problems...

Problem 1 has to do with the lack of touches that I see at practice. In US soccer practice, players are averaging anywhere between 300-400 touches a session. Most players practice 3 times a week with a few games on the weekends. This means, that on average, players are getting around 1500 touches a week. That is literally nothing. Looking at our European and South American neighbors, we see that these players are averaging close to 10,000 touches a practice.

Problem 2 is that most players who do want to be better spend their off days and time outside of practicing not knowing what they should be training on.

They do what they can in order to improve their ability.

Unfortunately most coaches are volunteers, do not have the time, or don't know the proper structure to develop an effective training routine that improves ball control and coordination on the players own time.

This leaves many players looking all over the internet for videos, article, training plans, you name it - to try and get better.

However, they try one video and get frustrated because they see that the drill is out of their skill level, can't see how it will work during a game situation, or just don't know where to start.

In short the players end up even more frustrated and left feeling hopeless - like they haven't improved at all.

I see it time after time, players killing themselves trying to develop their skill, yet failing.

But it is not their fault...

Many players just don't have the system in place to improve their skill. 

Lack of ball control and coordination is a problem that affects thousands of players. It is what most major clubs and organizations have deemed to be the most determining factor when it comes to a players success.

If you can relate to this problem, we have the solution.

The Evolution of Touch Is...

The reason why the Evolution of Touch works so well is because of the Neural Performance System (NPS) that we use. 

See, we divided all the ball control movements down into families and you start off with the absolute most basic patterns in week one. As you continue to train, we add complexity and while removing a little bit of the simplicity. So literally by the end, you are able to do all the intermediate and advanced movements.

You can literally see results at the end of the first week.

But that's not all... in order to ensure that you can apply these during a game, we combined proper progressions with both athleticism and vision to guarantee the fastest performance gains in the shortest times…

How do we know?

We looked at all of the research on the most effective way to build match fitness, which requires a strong aerobic base, but must also build the ability to be explosive late in the match.

Rather than long 45 minute to an hour long workout... you can actually get BETTER RESULTS in just a short amount of time.

That was key… combining the deep work required for technical mastery, but also build the ability to be explosive late into the match.

The Evolution of Touch is built upon our Neural Performance System to give you a framework where your legs and lungs get the most effective stimulus to get match fit...in as little as 20 minutes a day.  

The Evolution of Touch is a Simple Yet Effective 30 Day Progressive Training System That Will:

  • Make you more effective on the field - Rather than kicking the ball out into open space, you'll gain the ability to control the ball, and essentially the pace of the game, so you can place the ball where it is going to make more of an impact. 
  • Earn the trust of your coach and teammates - You ability to control the ball is directly related to how much your team passes you the ball as well as your play time. When you are able to hold your own against the defense, your team and your coach start to rely on you. 
  • Increase the confidence you have in yourself - Finally feel what is like to be dominant on the pitch. Start demanding the ball more, make moves against the defense, and lose the ball less. 
  • Allow you to make better decisions - Rather than panicking and kicking the ball away as soon as it is as your feet, pause and look for the open play, play the ball into space. 

From The Worst Ball Control on His Rec Team to The Best

After stumbling across some Renegade Soccer Training videos, I decided to get in for my 11 year old son as something I could work on with him to improve his soccer game. His skills improved so much that he went from the worst ball control on his rec team to the best over the winter break. After the 2017 spring season ended, he was asked to join a travel club in town. After 3 months, if I don’t hear a compliment from a ref after the game, a parent,or coach I'd think something is wrong.

Nick Plyarinos

This is How You Achieve Ball Control And Confidence


You get the full Evolution of Touch 60 Day Program with step by step coaching and instruction so there is no guesswork for you to do

You can get to training faster and easier. So you don’t waste time wondering what to do or how to do it and you can feel confident knowing that you have a system you can follow that is going to give you results. Just Push Play & Train!

Fun & Effective Workouts

10 fun and effective workouts that cover over 35 different footwork patterns. These workouts are only 20 minutes long so you can get in and out and still get better results than a whole week at practice.

The structure of these workouts both reinforce footwork patterns and challenge you. This keeps your body guessing as to what to do next which accelerates your progress and keeps it fun so you're not doing the same thing over and over. Making you feel like a completely different player at the end of the program.

Track Your Progress

A Progress Tracker that you take before and after the program to help you analyze and measure your progress. Visually see your improvement.

Track and measure how well you are controlling the ball over time. Rather than just guessing you’re improving, you’ll be able to take a test before you start and then 60 days after, so you have real metrics to see your improvement. By the time you’re done, you’ll not only feel like a better soccer player, you’ll know it, and that will give you the confidence to take on defenders and go to goal.

Warm Up & Cool Down

Warm up and Cool down so you can get ready to train hard and recover effectively to prevent injury!

Prepare your body for a quick and rigorous workout and ensure that you’re ready for the next. Before each workout, you’ll do this quick warm up to loosen up your joints and finish each workout with a niche dynamic stretching routine that’ll help with muscle memory and make you feel like a rock start when you’re done

Members Only Training Area

Get access to the training right away! This makes it easy for you to start training today, plus allows you to train wherever you are, including your home!

At home, on the field, during vacation, rain or shine, you’ll have access to the program wherever you go, for life so you can train no matter where you are. You simply log in and all the workouts are available to you at the palm of your hand. You’ll feel immense security as you know that no matter where you are, you have the tools needed to improve your game.

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So for less than the price of a cup of coffee, personal one on one coach, a night out at the movies, or a video game, you can put an end to your ball control, coordination, and confidence issues and never again question or feel lost when it comes to knowing what to train on. You get 60 Days of programming.

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If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing training program, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with us and we'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund, no questions asked!

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Go ahead and click the button below and get one step closer to improving your ball control, coordination, and confidence so you can dominate on the field!

Normally $127, Today $27

Purchase Evolution of Touch Today!

To Sum It All Up...

The Evolution of Touch is based off years of coaching and training athletes from all different kinds of backgrounds.

We incorporated so much into it including a progressive system that focuses on developing ball control and coordination with guided instruction and step by step coaching. All along the way, you are actually able to see your progress by taking the progress tracker. There really isn’t anything else out there that is the same as this program.

You have nothing to lose but time. Don’t waste this opportunity with doubt and end up looking back realizing you could have done more to give yourself the best possible shot of being the soccer player you wanted to be.

finally, Control The Ball With Confidence and Become the go-to player on your team!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Download The Videos?

At the moment, No. The videos can be streamed to any device that is connected to Wi-Fi or internet. Depending on your phone plan, you will be able to stream the videos to your mobile device and train wherever you are.

2. Can I Only Do It For 30 Days?

No. Once you purchase you have lifetime access. If you finish the 30-day routine that we have outlined, you are more than welcome to do it again or customize the routine for yourself. These videos will give you a great supplement to your ongoing training.

3. What Age Is This For?

U9 and up. The first videos in the program are meant for beginners and are aimed at developing a strong foundation. As the player progresses, so do the videos meaning that the videos increase with intensity and complexity to develop a player’s ball control and coordination.

4. Do I Pay Monthly?

No. One you purchase, you’ll have lifetime access. This is a one-time payment.

5. Do I Have to Follow The Schedule?

No. While we outline a complete 30-day program for you to do. You can choose not to do and select which videos you would like to do on what days. You can make it work around your schedule.

6. What If I Have Practice?

If you have practice, you can use the Evolution of Touch as a supplement to get more touches or as a recovery workout. You can also schedule out the 30 routine we have outline for you across a schedule that works for you. It might take you longer than 30 days to complete the program, but you’ll a system that works for you.

7. How Do I Get Access?

Once you purchase the Evolution of Touch, you will be sent login information to your email. From there, you will be granted access to a members only page where you will find the Evolution of Touch training system waiting for you. 

8. What if I Have More Questions?

You can email us at [email protected]

Click On The Button Below!

Go ahead and click the button below and get one step closer to improving your ball control, coordination, and confidence so you can dominate on the field!

Normally $127, Today $27

Purchase Evolution of Touch Today!

A More Confident Style of Play in Practices and Matches!

My children are 9 and 10. I wasn’t sure if the program would be too advanced and would end up frustrating them. I really enjoyed the free burst workout. This gave my family an insight to how the program was structured. My girls tried it a few times, I asked if they enjoyed it and wanted to go through with the EoT. "The touches! They enjoy the building block method of starting simple and adding to it! They both thought the program was fun and are looking forward to doing it again and doing another program." "Excellent! The progress tracker showed vast improvements on every skill. We’ve also noticed a more confident style of play in practices and matches. It’s our family secret weapon! Just kidding, we recommend it to anyone that comments on our daughters’ progress." We’ve enjoyed the program and we’re looking forward to continuing to use EoT and trying other programs.

Rick Rhodes Proud Soccer Parent

It Was Easy to Get Started and Maintain A Schedule!

I was hesitant to try Evolution of Touch because I wasn't sure if it would work with my schedule, and I wasn't sure if the content it contained would be the best for my individual improvement. I bought Evolution of Touch when it was on sale after trying the free burst workout. I had tried samples of other soccer training programs, and Renegade stood out to me by far, because of how easy it was to get started and maintain a schedule. When I tried the Renegade burst workouts, I was actually enjoying them as well! My favorite feature is the progressive nature of the videos. I realized after the first few days that I didn't have down the basic moves, but after working and increasing the difficulty for 30 days, I saw major improvement. I am happy with my results from Evolution of Touch. Starting off, I was in good shape, but I scored mostly in the beginner areas for all of the ball control drills. After 30 days, I'm in better shape and I am in a lot of advanced categories, and no beginner categories, scoring pretty high even in the ones where I was intermediate. I am planning on completing the 30 days again to see how many more places I can improve! I would recommend Evolution of Touch to anyone who is serious about improving their soccer skills but is unsure of what he or she can do to get better. The progressive nature of the videos makes it easy for someone of any level to get started and to stay with the schedule for all 30 days.

Gracie Proud Soccer Player

Coaches Could See The Improvement!

Originally I wondered if my daughter would really use it and if I would make her. Her coach asked the team to buy and practice with it at home. I ended up enjoying the convenience of adding the footskill practice at home. The last time the team practiced together, both her coach and assistant coach asked if she had been doing Evolution of Touch and told her they could tell because of her improvement.

Melissa Jacobs Proud Soccer Parent

So Much More Confident On The Ball!

We have a few other training programs from a different company, and I thought that it might be duplicative. Other training programs that we have purchased have been great, but some of the moves can be too advanced (my daughter is 9 years old), and I REALLY liked that it is a video that my daughter can just follow along with. Honestly, we like it all. The format of following along with Cody while he does his moves is great. Having the schedule all planned out makes it so easy. My daughter has become SO much more confident on the ball, which has in turn made her more aggressive, which has been her major area of weakness before. She is playing in a winter futsal league with her travel team, and other parents have really noticed her improvement--and this is just in a month. Yes, I would recommend it to others looking for an easy program to follow that will lead to great results.

Leah Willmore Proud Soccer Parent

We Are having Fun! Feeling Good After The Workout!

I hesitated to buy Evolution of Touch because If felt it would be just another home based workout video, specific to soccer, as the sport is increasing in popularity. I didn't want to feel "suckered". Money back is always comforting. Resisting a cool logo and tag line is tough to do! Having viewed the instructors' displaying the skill work, I quickly realized that my kids can do these workouts at home and not feel self-conscience. I workout with them as well. We are having fun! Feeling good after the workout! Knowing that it is helping my kids get balanced, coordinated, developing and fine-tuning ball touch control. As our schedule is busy, everyday is very difficult. Piano lessons, drum lessons, homework, soccer practice and games, etc. We workout with videos four days a week. But, it is happening! I can already see the difference, and they try to exceed Cody's speed. Tough to do, but they try. I already have!! Other players in my kid's club team.

George Lagis Proud Soccer Parent

Kids Will Do it Completely on Their Own

We bought it because our coach held weekly off-season training sessions in his basement with the whole team, and asked all of the kids to be doing it daily on their own at home. We like that it's a short, simple, self-contained session that can be done during a homework break or right before dinner, in our living room. And it's fun enough that the kids will do it completely on their own now that they're used to it. I see a higher level of comfort on the ball from my daughter. I can watch her team play, and tell which ones have done Renegade soccer, and even pick out "Renegade moves." I coach club and high school soccer. I would, and have, recommended it to a few of the kids and parents.

David Gamelin Proud Soccer Parent

Better Ball Control As Well As Helping to Stay in Shape

I wasn’t sure if it was just another gimmick however it turned out to be great. Love the ease and clarity of using each video. Each video is easy to use... just press start and begin your practice session. Definitely better ball control as well as helping to stay in shape. I 100% recommend this to other soccer players. I bought this program for my 13 year old son. His touch on the ball has definitely improved.

Terri Royce Proud Soccer Parent

He Actually Improved By 20%!

My first hesitation was "Will it work?" Someone else had tried it and highly recommended the results and the outcome that came after their child had been through this program. The best things that I thought about this program was that it was measurable because it wasn't just about teaching a process but it was about measuring it and that had to do with your test at the beginning and the test at the end. So when he did the first one and he was able to do the test at the very end he actually improved by 20%. I definitely would recommend this program but not to my son's players - I want him to have the upper hand LOL!

Vanessa Thompson Proud Soccer Parent

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Normally $127, Today $27

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