Why do so many players quit?

Hello Renegade!

Today was a fun day meeting with the RST Team!

We ate too much and planned out our next few months as the team gets ready for a busy summer of creation and CAMPS!!

Summer Camps with RST?

Yes, we are going to team up with five or six clubs this summer and offer the best technical camps in the country…

Try getting a year’s worth of touches in 4 or 5 days, plus going through our full movement training sequence… think speed and agility that rewires any faulty patterns you have and gets you producing power!!

Add in RST gear and your choice of any of our entry level programs and BAM!

A camp where you actually improve!!


Can’t be true!!

Yep, believe it….

Plus, we work with your club to raise funds for your club and get your coaches all working alongside us, so they can keep up the progress!!

So, if you think this makes sense, contact us and we can see if getting our team to your club makes sense!!

End of Season is Approaching – The Time When Players Quit

After we hammered out some amazing camp plans, we had to address something that all the clubs will be facing…

Attrition… players quitting.

We covered all the usual topics…

Too many games, pressure from the rents, cost, etc.

But, we also discussed the biggest frustration for players:

Lack of Confidence on the Ball.

The game is very frustrating when you have to stare down at the ball constantly…

It could be argued that there is soccer before the ability to look up…

And soccer after…

Imagine how bad Tom Brady of the New England Patriots would be if he was always staring at the ground?


And, he would probably have ZERO FUN!!

How many kids will hang up their boots this season because they aren’t having fun?

Of course soccer is hard work…

Of course there are ups and downs of competition…

And, of course there is a huge time commitment…

But, if you are finding success with the ball, all of those things are WAY, WAY, WAY WORTH IT!!

So, let’s make sure you finish up this season strong and get working on your skills!

There is no better time than right now to put in some work and finally get confident on the ball!!

If you will just spend the next couple months, less than an hour a day, you can get years worth of touches…

And yes, years worth of improvement!!

The only thing left is to DECIDE to finally do it.

Simply DECIDE.

You think about that good and hard and we’ll talk more tomorrow!

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