Michael Jordan was SOOO BORING!! (I know it’s soccer)

I hope you are having a great week on the pitch, and just wanted to share some wisdom.

That’s code for ‘I am old and want you to avoid some mistakes I made.’

: )

Each week we get dozens of emails that go something like:

Coach, we just finished Evolution of Touch, and Stephanie saw a 42% improvement on her Progress Tracker Score. Are just supposed to buy the next program?


I think here is where many athletes and parents get confused.

After Michael Jordan won his National Championship at UNC, did he stop taking 500, 16-foot jumpers a day and just work on fancy fade away, double pump shots?

Did he stop taking free throws by the hundreds each day in lieu of just playing game-like situations?

No, he shot a thousand shots or more a day, every single day. Plus practiced, plus lifted weights, plus conditioned.

This was AFTER he won the collegiate national championship as the best player on the team.


Now, I cannot think of anything simpler for Michael Jordan than making a16-foot jumper.

And yet, he did thousands per week outside of practices.

Knowing this, I take great joy is listening to players tell me how ‘practicing outside stars, or Ziko turns, or Croquetas through cones is boring and they already know how to do them.’

Yeah, and Tiger already knows how to hit a 7-iron also, but odd how he still hits a couple hundred every day just for giggles.

Listening to players begging to do fancy stuff like they see once per game in UEFA or on YouTube, or as done repeatedly by our competitors.

Is there a place for that? Of course.

But seriously, turn on the TV.

What % of touches that pros do could a 13 year old do?

The difference is that they have done them tens of thousands of times, so they are done without thought or the need for looking at the ball. They are done with incredible efficiency and pace.


So, my answer is: Any HS midfielder can turn on EoT or NLD or WWW and get a heck of a great workout that is also beneficial.

Is that the only thing they will need to be great? Of course not.

But, without even adding TCS’s core videos, there is literally a year’s worth of great training in just the three, 30-day programs.


So, if you get a 30-day program, and you like this style of training, and after a few weeks decide that this will be a staple of your child’s training, then I would upgrade to TCS It has all the programs and bonuses on top!

But, if you saw any percentage of improvement over 10% from the last 30 days, then you can do the program over….

Or, of course you can snag another program and crush it, then come back after a month.

Just don’t try and outwit the development process.

There isn’t some magical move…

Yes, I come from a teaching background and have taught sports movement for almost two decades, but…

Just relax and trust the progressions…

Get your touches in…


The 30-day programs are to see if athletes enjoy the training.

Usually the very rapid progress provides the impetus to train each day.

And trust me, for most players, they should be doing at least a 30-day program every day, including practice days, and then more on off days.

There was a great article in The Guardian about a Dutch Club whose academy players got 10,000 touches most mornings, and then practiced in the afternoons. That’s a solid 90 minutes of intense technical work to get that many touches.

Remember that research has shown most club practices average 350-400 touches per player per practice. 10 months, 9 practices per month, is around 35,000 touches a year…

Or, less than 4 days of morning workouts at the Dutch academy.

And remember, the game changes when you can pick your head up…

Suddenly your soccer IQ begins to build…

Your anticipation and creativity begin to grow…

You start playing soccer.

: )


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