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This Book Will Help You:

  • Support your child in staying emotionally strong and positive, enabling them to maintain focus on their long-term goals and persevere through challenges.
  • Teach your child techniques to strengthen their mental game in sports, empowering them to show courage and confidence while playing.
  • Encourage your child to practice positive self-talk and self-belief, emphasizing problem-solving to enhance their performance.
  • Provide your child with improved learning resources to help them develop their skills further.
  • Explore new teaching methods and organizational approaches to enrich your child's learning experience.
  • Foster your child's passion for their pursuits and ensure they find joy in the process of growth.

Who's It For:

Families of High-Achieving Student Athletes

The Problem:

Lack of An Optimized System

The Goal:

A Self-Motivated & High-Achieving Student-Athlete

The Solution:

Pre-Ordering Renegade Way!

Hey there, Soccer Parents!

Coach JR here with a couple of quick questions for you.

1. Are you tired of feeling uncertain about how to support your child's soccer development?

2. Do you wish you had a structured routine and expert guidance to maximize their potential?

3. Do you wish your child had incredible confidence both on the pitch and in every area of life?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then I hear you loud and clear.

Parenting is already a challenging role, and when it comes to nurturing a student-athlete, the stakes can feel even higher.

Juggling between school, homework, sports, games, friends, and various responsibilities can be overwhelming.

Without proper guidance, this balancing act can lead to burnout and the misallocation of valuable time, money, and energy.

However, I've been looking at this problem for the past few years studying this issue, consulting industry experts, and utilizing our connections to craft a solution that will benefit both you and your aspiring athlete.

Adding in principles from my own childhood household that had three very genetically average athletes who got dozens of Division I offers in 5 different sports between us.

This was ONLY possible because our environment, focus, and incentives never wavered growing up. 

We never even knew it wasn’t what everyone else did, because ‘it’s just what we do’ was the family mantra.

I'm putting everything I have learned into a framework and putting it into a brand-new book and want to make you part of the conversation...

The Book Is Still being Written & This Pre-Order Gives You Behind-The-Scenes Access To This Unique System

That's right. 

The book is still being put together and I still have to go through the editing process...

But I also want to make sure that we get your input. I don't want to create a book for the sake of creating a book...

The goal is to create something that is going to be the "gold standard" when it comes to helping parents best support their student-athletes. 

"It Sounds Like You're Using Me To Write The Book..."

You're 100% right...

I want to be completely transparent about what I am doing. I'm about 80% complete with my framework but I still need that 20%. 

That's where YOU come in. 

Your thoughts and experiences as a parent with a student-athlete are at the core of what I'm trying to do and your support as a pre-order customer will be instrumental in shaping this book and the resources that come with it. 

Plus, I want to make sure that I cover the topics that are most relevant to you, right now. 

Here's an outline of what I have so far:

(Working Title:)

Renegade Way

How High-Achieving Student-Athletes Optimize Development Through Gamification, Family Routines, & Embedding Positive Feedback Loops Every Step of The Way...

So far, it's looking like it'll be about 11 chapters.

Here is the chapter outline and everything the book will cover...

Chapter 1: Lesson One: Embracing the Deep Work

  • The realization that excellence comes from doing the deep work, not relying on innate talent
  • Understanding the importance of living on the edge of success and learning
  • Aligning vision, values, environment, and positive feedback loops for extraordinary progress

Chapter 2: The Dream: Choosing Your Inspiring Journey

  • Unlocking the secret of lesson one and deciding where to apply it
  • Identifying and defining your dreams and aspirations
  • Being BOLD enough to dream and committing to the daily investments required to achieve it

Chapter 3: The Core: Embracing Practices and Celebration

  • Establishing a core set of practices that reinforce the journey
  • Creating a safe space for support, guidance, and celebration of the journey
  • Learning, adjusting plans, and scheduling within the core to ensure growth and progress

Chapter 4: The Optimizers: Mastering the Little Things for Big Results

  • Understanding the power of optimizing small actions and habits
  • Setting up systems that focus on every aspect of life, including relaxation time
  • Leveraging standards to shift results from fleeting to impactful

Chapter 5: The Way: Living True to Your Values

  • Recognizing the impact of living in alignment with your values
  • Articulating and reflecting on your values as a guiding light in challenging times
  • Creating a mantra of "it's just what we do" to reinforce the purpose and normalize visions and values

Chapter 6: The Ascending Spiral: Bridging Inner Self-Talk and Habits

  • Understanding the internal and external journey to greatness
  • Cultivating an inner hero that aligns with the work required for desired results
  • Continually aligning thoughts, actions, and dreams for consistent progress

Chapter 7: The Identity Shift: Rewriting Core Stories and Beliefs

  • Recognizing the influence of core stories on our beliefs and worldview
  • Questioning self-imposed identities and rewriting internal narratives
  • Building scaffolding through proof of acting in alignment with values and dreams

Chapter 8: The Maps: Crafting a Voyage of Habits and Routines

  • Simplifying complexity by focusing on the next step in the journey
  • Understanding the power of actions and compounding results over time
  • Creating a map of habits, routines, and skills to incrementally master

Chapter 9: The Game: Winning or Learning Every Day

  • Setting incremental goals aligned with individual dreams and values
  • Scoring daily commitments to measure progress and success
  • Reflecting on victories and learning from setbacks to continually improve

Chapter 10 - The Dark Mirror: Defeating Internal Villains

  • Confronting the internal voice of doubt and resistance
  • Building a battle plan to defeat distractions and temptations
  • Strengthening the internal Trinity to stay focused on the dream and the way

Chapter 11: The Final Goal: Winning Every Dream

  • Embracing the journey of winning every day, week, month, and dream
  • Recognizing the importance of defeating internal villains and staying aligned with values
  • Achieving greatness by consistently focusing on the deep work and the optimized self'

Again, this is a rough outline with the finishing touches coming soon. 

Why Am I Writing This Book?

Both Parents & Student-Athletes Are Struggling Today...

Number 1: Years of Experience Working with Parents 

Before Renegade Soccer Training, I worked with thousands of athletes over 20 years developing their strength, speed, and agility.  I also coached three college sports, and served as a consultant on developing systems to track and measure performance.

Over the years, I've gone back and forth with parents through emails and Facebook groups to answer their questions on how to best support their children...

Countless interactions with parents led me to understand one thing...

There Is No Structure... for both the parents or the student-athletes to follow that allows for an environment that best supports the student-athlete and the parents at the same time. 

Number 2: Personal Experience as a Student-Athlete 

For years, I was a student-athlete. I played multiple sports in high school such as track, soccer, football, and tennis.

Eventually, I played multiple sports at the collegiate level and serving as a captain before becoming a coach and college instructor. 

I understand what it is like to have pressure from family, coaches, friends...

I know what it is like to struggle with those internal expectations...

 Number 3: I Have My Own Student-Athlete  

Now, as a parent, I intimately understand the challenges and triumphs that come with supporting our children's athletic pursuits. 

My own daughter currently plays volleyball, allowing me to empathize with parents across different sports and share their struggles. 

She has every temptation of any other 16 year old girl, and yet, keeps all A’s in Honors and AP classes, was a starter on her state championship high school volleyball team, plays club, and is active in multiple clubs.  

This is NOT to impress you, but to impress upon you that it is possible.  

My daughter has a very active social life, and even naps daily as part of her self-care that optimizes her energy and mental focus.

Number 4: Embracing the Lessons of the 80's 

Yes, you read that right – see I grew up in the 80's.  I understand it was a different time, and sure some things should stay there however when it comes to sports, work ethic, and execution, today's kids can learn a thing or two. 

See, even though I was a multi-sport athlete, I never had any "talent." I was a "made" athlete. I had to earn my position on the team. It didn't come from purchasing fancy equipment or gadgets. 

We embraced a mindset that revolved around earning success – "You either have reasons or results."

Our focus was on understanding the process, showing up consistently, and making sure we had positive feedback loops in place. 

It's really just about knowing what you want and getting after it.  It was about celebrating the process, and removing the distractions until they were earned.

It's About Removing Chaos, Gamifying Success, Implementing Positive Feedback Loops, & Celebrating The Process

Today, we see a void in our sports culture. 

Vital elements such as understanding one's true aspirations, setting high standards, implementing positive feedback loops, and following through have been neglected.

As a result, our children are left to suffer the consequences.

  • Burnout...
  • Lack of focus...
  • Lack of confidence...
  • Indecisiveness...
  • No drive...
  • Lack of commitment...
  • No accountability...
  • And so on.

Sure, we can debate on the WHY until we're all blue in the face, but what the book is focusing on is on the What and the How. 

  • What you can do as a parent to best support your student-athlete...
  • How to build an environment that is built around harmony, not balance...

Set A Clear Vision For Your Family & Adopt A Growth Mindset

At the end of the day, this book is meant to be a guide that will help parents put a system in place at home that will provide results.

What kind of results?

The kind that you and your student-athlete decide is most important.

See, you can want your child to be the next Messi, and you may even believe that, but if your child doesn't want it... then it's better to know now, rather than years later after all that time, money, and energy is wasted. If that is the case, then the goal is fun above all else!

But maybe your child does want to go pro.

Well, then how do you make that happen? 

What are the milestones you need to hit? What are the feedback loops you need?

What if your child just wants to have fun and just enjoy anything they are involved in?

That too needs to be planned for, otherwise, expectations can derail any enjoyment.

When it's all said and done, this is going to be a framework that you can implement in your household that'll hold everyone accountable and create a supportive environment. 

That way you can:

  • Align Your Approach with Your Child's Desires: Gain clarity on your child's aspirations and desires, ensuring that your efforts are in sync with their goals, whether it's achieving greatness or enjoying the game.
  • Maximize Productive Training: Implement a customized training system at home that maximizes your child's progress, helping them stay engaged and motivated to consistently improve.
  • Empower Intrinsic Motivation: Discover strategies that nurture your child's inner drive, cultivating a passion for soccer that goes beyond external pressures.
  • Plan for Enjoyment: Create a plan that ensures your child enjoys their soccer experience, whether it's for fun or competition, while avoiding undue stress or burnout.
  • Optimize Skill Development: Leverage a proven framework that fosters skill development, ensuring your child consistently progresses towards their soccer goals.
  • Build a Supportive Environment: Establish a household environment that bolsters your child's aspirations, fostering accountability, communication, and unity in your family.
  • Cultivate Lifelong Lessons: Instill essential life skills like discipline, resilience, and teamwork through soccer, setting the foundation for success on and off the field.
  • Save Time and Resources: Avoid the trial-and-error approach by following a structured system that streamlines your child's soccer journey, optimizing the use of time and resources.
  • Forge Lasting Memories: Craft a memorable and rewarding experience for both you and your child, nurturing a lifelong love for soccer and cherished moments together.

At this point, you might be thinking...

"$27 For A Book That Isn't Even Written Yet?"

Yes! And Here's Why...

When you pre-order, you're not just getting access to the book...

You are getting access to additional resources that will help implement the system that is inside the book, including:

  • Early Access: As I write the chapters, you'll be the first to get a rough draft. Meaning you'll be one of the first to dive into our system and get an over-the-shoulder look. This also means you get early access to a version of the book before it goes public!
  • Join The Conversation: Want to be involved in shaping the future? Pre-order customers will have the chance to submit feedback or ask questions regarding the topic. Remember, your feedback matters!
  • Interviews from experts: Inside of our pre-order community, we're going to host several experts in the different area of development.
  • Live Q&A Sessions: Pre-order customers get direct access to an exclusive live Q&A session. Ask your burning questions, gain valuable insights, and walk away feeling more confident. 
  • Exclusive Community Access: Where going to have a private pre-order community where all the good stuff is going to go down. Here, you'll connect with like-minded soccer parents, share experiences, and build a supportive network. On top of that, we'll be releasing videos along with the chapters that go more in-depth into the topics.
  • Worksheets, Templates, & Downloads : Stay organized and on track with printable worksheets, checklists, and templates. These resources will help you monitor your student athlete's progress, set goals, and make the most out of every training session.

  • Parent Recommendations: Expand your soccer parenting toolkit with handpicked recommendations. Gain access to a curated list of additional resources, including recommended books, websites, and apps, to enhance your knowledge and support your student athlete's journey.
  • Audio Book Version: Maybe you prefer to listen to books rather than read them. If that's the case, we have your back. Pre-order customer will receive an audio version of the book, once it's complete so you can enjoy on the go!

These perks are only going to be available to our pre-order customers. 

Once pre-order closes, these perks are going to be gone and it's best if you pre-order now and equip yourself with the tools, knowledge, and support you need to implement this optimized system at home. 

Note: These perks are exclusively available to pre-order customers and will not be offered after the book's release date. Secure your copy today!

Join The Movement!

So that's pretty much it!

As I mentioned before, we have a goal of creating a one-of-a-kind resource for parents with student-athletes and we need your help to put on the finishing touches and create something really groundbreaking. 

If you want to join the movement, then we invite you to pre-order today!

Together, we'll help put in a system that:

  • Unleashes Your Child's Full Potential: Equip your child with strategies to reach their highest potential, both on and off the field.
  • Cultivates a Lifelong Love for Soccer: Create an environment where the joy of playing endures beyond competitive pressures, ensuring a lasting passion for the game.
  • Empowers Uncommon Success: Provide your child with the tools to excel not just in soccer, but also in life, with passion and determination as their driving force.
  • Nurtures a Positive Mindset: Help your child manage fears, frustrations, and pressure, developing a mindset that thrives in the face of adversity.
  • Fosters Teamwork and Leadership: Instill the values of teamwork, collaboration, and leadership, setting the stage for success in team dynamics and beyond.
  • Maintains Balance and Enjoyment: Prevent burnout by teaching them to find joy in the game, strike a healthy balance, and cherish the camaraderie of teammates.
  • Creates Unforgettable Memories: Craft a journey that they'll look back on with pride and fondness, as they grow not only as athletes but as individuals.

Expected Release Date: Winter 2023

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