Summer Camps: Team with RST to Bring Technical Training to Your Camp!

Hello Renegade!

This summer RST will team with clubs to bring the best technical camps around!

What to expect?

RST will work directly with your coaches, teaching the exact progressions we use to develop tight ball control, 1st touch, and taking on defenders.

Players will get over 5,000 touches each session, and will work through RST’s speed and agility movement training.

Each athlete will choose to begin immediately in Evolution of Touch, Next Level Dribbling, or Wall Work Warrior as part of the camp cost.

Each athlete will also receive a special discount for Total Control System.

At the camp, players will receive RST gear, and will work through Rhythm and coordination, precision, timing, visual awareness, and audio awareness.

Coaches will get their own session to ask questions directly on how to incorporate technical training directly into their sessions to maximize touches while minimizing time.

What does it Cost?

The 4 – Day Camp cost is $300 per player. (If a 5th day is desired, that can be arranged.)

This cost includes a $50 ‘facility’ payment to the host club, plus an affiliate link for purchases of Total Control System.

This is a great way to raise money for additional coaches, or upgrading facilities for the club.

What Dates Are Available?

June 27 – 30 (Southeastern US only)
July 9 – 14
July 23 – Aug 4

If your club would like to team with RST this summer, contact us and we can see if getting our team to your club makes sense!!

Contact RST: [email protected]

All the best!

Your Biggest Fan!

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