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Challenge Starts Monday August 22nd, 2022


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  • 6 weeks of online "Push Play & Train" performance training mixed with ball control & footwork. 
  • Access to our members only group for coaching, support and accountability.
  • Beginner and advanced workouts to help players of all skill levels.
  • Track your progress and measure your results with our Progress Tracker Framework
  • Develop more speed, become more agile, and outperform the competition while improving ball control
  • CASH PRIZES!  Suitable for ages 9 and up

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Speed Isn't Taught Correctly To Our Soccer Players

There's too much the coach has to focus on during a 90-minute practice. Between handling different skill levels, teaching tactics, running small 3x3 games, drills... when are coaches supposed to go over speed and agility? 

More importantly, when are you supposed to get faster, stronger, and more agile?

You know that in your gut "running around the field to warm up" isn't a good strategy and running during practice games isn't enough. It's not just you.

Unfortunately, in today's world, athleticism is virtually left out of the soccer training curriculum or reduced to quick sprints here and there or "just run around the cones"

Athleticism is speed, agility, and quickness all the while being able to dribble the ball. In most cases, coaches are unqualified and have no actual plan to develop these traits...

It's Actually Making You Worse

It's not just about running faster. It's about using proper technique and training your body for maximum output. A coach who hasn't been properly taught isn't going to teach their team correctly. 

Think about it this way... You car can have as much horsepower as you want but if the wheels aren't lined up, it doesn't matter...

Without proper training, you end up with improper technique, which means that no matter how strong you get:

  • You're going to lose 50/50 challenges
  • Run out of steam when it matters most
  • Miss scoring opportunities
  • Get beat by other players

Become The Most Explosive And Dynamic Player On The Pitch...

With The Crucible, you get six weeks of focused training that helps you with the MOST neglected part of your training... Performance Training.

What is performance training? Well, we’re talking about increasing your power, strength, and fitness on top of ball control to turn you into the most explosive and dynamic player on the pitch using our proven system.

We're not kidding around, The Crucible is the perfect challenge for any player who is looking to develop their athletic and ball control ability.

What's the system? Without going into the full breakdown (which will take hours), pretty much what we do is combine plyometric training in combination with footwork and ball control patterns to create a short, 20 minute workout, that gives you thousands of touches on the ball, while building your core, your legs, and your lungs!

This is how you'll...

Blow Past Defenders, & Dominate The Game!

This is a 6 Week Challenge that is going to actually develop and improve your overall game.

Which means while you are working developing your ball control, you are also working on developing your speed, agility, and quickness through workouts specifically designed to increase your power to weight ratio, linear speed, dynamic recovery, and so much more - all without special equipment and from home!

Forget about hiring a personal trainer, paying for expensive one on one sessions, or driving all over town! As long as you have access to the internet, you can participate in the challenge from your mobile, tablet, computer. or TV for less than the cost of ONE private session. 

And you get everything you need to see results!

The Crucible Is Exactly What You Need

With The Crucible, we give you everything you need to ensure success. What does that look like? Well, we give you a 6 week curriculum that you can follow which eliminates all the guesswork of "what do I have to do."

You get to choose between a beginner track or and advanced track, so regardless of skill level, you can benefit. Once you begin your track, you login for the day, go to the workout that you need to do, push play and start training!

All you do is follow along as you develop your speed, agility, quickness and ball control.

On top of that, the workouts already come with designated break periods that give you the maximum amount of rest while ensuring that you're still ready to go for the next segment. In as little as 20 minutes, you'll have completed a full well rounded workout that moves you closer to the player you want to become. 

But it doesn't stop there!

We also give you private access to our members only area which you'll use to report in. We'll ask you to upload videos of yourself training so that you can get feedback from the RST coaches and the community. Doing this challenge, live, with others, from around the globe, is going to motivate you to show up and follow through with the training. Time and time again, the community is the #1 element most of our challengers love the most (it's probably has to do something with the CASH prizes that they tend to win!)

Everything you need so you can build...

Faster, Stronger, & More Agile Legs That Control The Ball Better!

Imagine being able to run full speed with the ball and not be afraid to lose it...

Or how about beating the other team to the ball so that you can make a play...

Or knowing that when the other team is attacking, you have the legs and the lungs to kick it into high gear and run down the attacker, giving them less of an opportunity to score.

Imagine what it would be like to be run faster, have more "oomph" in your kicks, and make smarter decisions because you're not out of breath.

All of this and more is possible and you can get it within 6 weeks. How do we know? Well..

Over 20 Years In Performance Training

Hi, Coach JR here, before I founded Renegade Soccer Training, I worked as an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist helping athletes in a variety of different sports. I've been a player, I've coached teams, and I'm currently a parent. Through Renegade Soccer Training, we have helped over 50,000 soccer athletes improve their technical game. 

Now, we're combining our winning results with ball control and combining it with solid principles to improve performance to create a six week challenge that improves a soccer players natural ability to be stronger, faster, and more agile, with measurable results. 

The Crucible 6-Week Challenge Will Help You...

  • Build Massive Control of the Ball and Explode Your Athletic Ability
  • Add Power, Strength, and Fitness on Top of Ball Control
  • Play With Confidence, Blow Past Defenders, And Dominate the Game
  • Develop Your Ball Control While Also Working on Developing Your Speed, Agility, And Quickness.
  • Increase Your Power to Weight Ratio, Linear Speed, Dynamic Recovery, and So Much More!
  • Train With The Proper Technique So That You Can Transfer Your Power Correctly Into The Ground and Take Off!
  • You’ll No Longer Lose the 50/50 Challenges
  • Become A Faster Player in Those “Burst” Moments, So You Can Run Past Defenders And Leave Them Gasping For Breath…
  • Your Legs Are Going to Get Faster, Better, and Stronger in A Short Amount of time,
  • Last Longer, Play Harder, And Continue to Play With Unmatched Confidence.
  • Becoming The Most Valuable Asset to Your Team

When You Sign Up For The Challenge, Here is What You Get:

  • Ball Control & Performance Focused 6-Week Challenge - Train At Home (Inside or Out) 
  • Daily 15 - 20 Minute Technical and Speed Workouts
  • Private Facebook Group For Accountability, Motivation, & Feedback
  •  A Proven Curriculum Backed by Over 50,000 Athletes
  •  Access to Renegade Soccer Training Coaches
  • Leader Scoreboard With Weekly Updates & Cash Prizes!
  •  Open to U9 and Above

Let's Make This Your Best Year Yet...

SPECIAL BONUS: Our Complete Student-Athlete Optimization Method

This process, that we call Renegade Way, helps soccer players and athletes harmonize their goals, responsibilities, training, and more to ensure they focus on what matters most. 

From figuring out what they want, developing a plan, implementing positive feedback loops, holding themselves accountable, and creating a "high-functioning" environment, this method makes it possible for them to work hard and play hard 

How do we know? Because we developed it along with Collegiate level experts who do this for their players. 

This system is next level and you get it for FREE!

And You'll Get It All Today For Just One Payment of $47

  • Ball Control & Performance Focused 6-Week Challenge - Train At Home (Inside or Out) 
  • Daily 15 - 20 Minute Technical and Speed Workouts
  • Private Facebook Group For Accountability, Motivation, & Feedback
  •  A Proven Curriculum Backed by Over 50,000 Athletes
  •  Access to Renegade Soccer Training Coaches
  • Leader Scoreboard With Weekly Updates & Cash Prizes!
  •  SPECIAL BONUS: Access to out Renegade Way - Student Athlete Optimization program
  •  Open to U9 and Above

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Frequently Asked Questions

So What Is The Challenge?

The Crucible is a 6 week challenge. You receive access to a private Facebook Group which is where the challenge will be housed. Each week within the group, we'll post two new workouts of the week. A beginner and an advanced workout. Both workouts combine ball control work with performance training. You'll do one of the workouts (or both if you're really after it) each day of the week. Once the week is over, you'll upload a video of yourself doing one of our "Progress Tests." We repeat this process for every week of the challenge.

Does My Child Need A Facebook Account To Be In The Challenge?

No. However they do need access to a Facebook account. Previous competitors have used their parents accounts to upload their workouts. Other families created a whole new Facebook account as a family specifically for the challenge. We understand the concerns of social media so we do not require every challenger to have their own personal account. As long as they can access Facebook with a parent/guardian permission, they'll be able to benefit from the social interaction aspect the challenge provides.

How Do I Submit My Workout Videos?

Record your video on any device and upload the media file inside of the Facebook group. We'll tell you when and where to upload your video. This is to ensure there is no cheating and also helps hold you accountable. If you prefer to opt out of uploading your video, you can. However we encourage each and every challenger to upload their videos so that they can get feedback and encouragement from the entire community!

How Do I Get My Cash Prize & How Much Is It?

The cash prize will be announced once the challenge starts. We are dedicating a percentage of the total sales we make for this challenge to provide two amazing cash prizes to those of you who accept this challenge. That cash prize will be split in half to award two winners. One winner will be awarded a cash prize for being most consistent in their posting of the "Weekly Skill Challenges". Meaning they uploaded the videos each week with the proper hashtags and phrases. We use a point system in order to choose this winner. The other winner will be for most improved and will be selected by the Renegade Soccer Training staff at the end of the challenge. The winners will have the funds sent to them via PayPal!

When Will I Receive My Workouts And Invite To The Support Group?

The support group will be ready to go four days before the start of the challenge on Friday, August 19th, 2022. The challenge officially starts on Monday, August 22nd, 20220. That Monday, you'll receive your first two workout challenge videos for the week. Each Monday until the end of the challenge you will receive a two new workout videos for a total of 12.

Do I Need to Buy or Have Any Equipment or Secondary Items?

All you need is a ball and six cones. Ideally have about a 10'x10' grid at home to do the workouts unless you choose to do them outside. You can also move the coffee table in the living room and that'll be adequate. The workouts are designed to be done in tight spaces. If you do not have cones, you can use socks, books, Lego bricks... anything!

Do I Need to Buy Additional Workouts From You?

Nope, not unless you want to.

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