With The Protocol, You'll No Longer Struggle With Your Child Sitting On The Bench!

Instead, They'll finally get more playing time, Have More Fun, & enjoy playing the game!

"It's Astonishing How Quickly He Could See Results!"

"Truly, this has been one of the few programs my son has enjoyed. It's astonishing how quickly he could see results. This program lead to amazing results. Better ball control has helped my son gain confidence. You can see his creativity and enjoyment has increased! I would definitely recommend Renegade Soccer Training to anyone, and I think my son’s team could benefit greatly from it."

- Andrea L. (Hesperia, CA)

Get More Touches On The Ball -In A Shorter Amount of Time - At Home!

The Protocol is built on top of our "N.P.F. - Neural Performance Framework," which is a smarter way for players to develop their skills and become a better athlete, right at home.

The reason is works so well is because it focuses on the ONE thing that dramatically helps any player improve their ability - getting more touches on the ball.

In just 20 minutes a day, a player can practice and improve their skills using a simple plan that mixes ball control exercises with special speed and agility training.

The program is easy to follow on a tablet, phone, or TV. Players will do different exercises that gradually get harder,
making them better at controlling the ball and helping them grow stronger. It's like doing puzzles that build their skills step by step.

Sometimes, players don't get to play much in games, and that can make them feel unsure. The Protocol solves that problem. It gives your player a way to practice a lot, gain confidence, and become a better player while having fun at home.

We made this plan to make training simple and enjoyable. By putting together ball control practice with special training, and making it only 20 minutes a day,
it's a stress-free way for player to get better at soccer - all they have to do it "Push Play & Train!"

The exercises are set up to help players learn step by step. They'll start with easy moves and move to harder ones, so they don't get overwhelmed. This order makes sure they remember what they learn and keep getting better.

No more searching online for exercises or worrying about what to practice. The Protocol gives clear instructions and a plan to follow, so practicing is easy and fun.

The mix of ball control with speed and performance training helps your player learn quicker. They'll practice dribbling the ball in tight spaces, proper body dynamics, and maximize touches on the ball, so they get better at soccer faster than normal.

You'll start seeing results within 1 week!

Because The Protocol is set up for six weeks, your player will get a ton of extra practice in and way more touches on the ball than if they went to practice along.
Dramatically making them better and feel more confident in their skills every day.

The Protocol takes away the confusion of not knowing how to practice. It gives you a clear plan, so your player won't waste time doing the wrong things.

This way is better because it's simple and it works!
 The Protocol is a fun and easy way for your player to become an asset to the team, all from the comfort of home!

Here Is Everything You Get With The Protocol:

lifetime access to a "Push Play & train" System

You'll have lifetime access to our comprehensive "Push Play & Train" system.

The Protocol offers a step-by-step coaching and instruction system that requires no guesswork. Just follow along and get started quickly and confidently.

  • Save time and eliminate confusion by following clear instructions.
  • Gain lifetime access to our structured training, ensuring you can revisit and reinforce your skills whenever you need.
  • You'll have the confidence to train efficiently, knowing you're using a proven system that blends ball control and performance training for optimal results.

40+ FUN & EFFECTIVE WORKOUTS for beginners & advanced athletes

Access to over 40 fun and effective workouts for athletes of all levels.

These workouts cover various footwork patterns and include speed and agility training. Each workout is just 20 minutes long.

  • Maximize your ball control and agility with workouts designed to challenge and improve your skills.
  • Save time with efficient 20-minute workouts that provide better results than longer practice sessions.
  • Prevent boredom and plateauing with diverse workouts that keep you engaged and progressing.

TRACK YOUR PROGRESS & measure your results

Exclusive progress tracker for before-and-after program analysis.

Measure and visualize your improvement in ball control over time.

  • Tangibly see your growth and achievements, bolstering your confidence and motivation.
  • Replace guesswork with data-driven progress tracking to stay accountable and focused.
  • Understand your improvements with precision, enabling you to see how far you've come and make informed decisions.


Comprehensive warm-up and cool-down routines to optimize your training.

Prepare your body with dynamic warm-up and cool down to enhance recovery and prevent injury.

  • Start each session on the right foot by priming your body for effective training.
  • Safeguard against injuries with a proper cool-down that aids in recovery.
  • Boost your performance longevity by incorporating proper pre- and post-training routines.


Access to a dedicated members-only training area accessible from any device.

Train conveniently from home, the field, or anywhere with Wi-Fi.

  • Enjoy flexibility by accessing your training program from anywhere, ensuring consistency in your practice.
  • Use any Wi-Fi enabled device to access the program, making it easy to incorporate training into your daily routine.
  • Gain peace of mind knowing that you're equipped with the tools to enhance your skills no matter where you are.

This Is How You Get More Playing Time!

Get Instant Access To The Protocol Today!

Train at home and get thousands of touches on the ball so you can get off the bench, earn more playing time, and start enjoying the game!

One-Time Easy Payment of $27

Risk Free! 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

  • Gain lifetime access to a streamlined "Push Play & Train" system. Enjoy the ease of training without guesswork and complex planning, utilizing a system designed for convenience and effectiveness. Feel confident as you seamlessly navigate your training, knowing you possess an accessible and proven system for continuous improvement.
  • Access over 40 dynamic workouts suitable for all skill levels. Immerse yourself in engaging workouts that challenge your limits and elevate your soccer skills, all within a compact 20-minute timeframe. Feel motivated and invigorated as you progress through diverse workouts, transforming routine training into an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.
  • Utilize an exclusive progress tracker to gauge your advancement. Observe the concrete evidence of your growth and development, reinforcing your dedication and motivating you to keep pushing forward. Experience a sense of achievement and self-assurance as you witness your improvements firsthand, instilling a deep belief in your abilities and potential.
  • Access comprehensive warm-up and cool-down routines for optimal training. Begin each session in a state of readiness and finish with a sense of rejuvenation, fostering physical well-being and longevity in your soccer journey. Feel cared for and supported, as you prioritize injury prevention and holistic performance enhancement, leading to an overall sense of wellness and vitality so that you're ready to show up for the next round. 
  • Enjoy exclusive access to a dedicated members-only training space accessible across devices. Benefit from seamless training integration into your lifestyle, allowing you to nurture your soccer skills from diverse locations without interruption. Enjoy the freedom of adaptable training, cultivating a sense of empowerment and control over your progress, no matter where life takes you (or what weather comes your way). 
  • Train effectively regardless of weather or location constraints. Embrace the flexibility to practice in any environment, overcoming external barriers to maintain your momentum and commitment to improvement. Experience a profound sense of dedication and determination as you progress through obstacles, resulting in a heightened appreciation for your growth journey and unwavering commitment to success.

And That's How You End Up Earning More Play Time & Enjoying The Game!

Get Instant Access To The Protocol Today!

Train at home and get thousands of touches on the ball so you can get off the bench, earn more playing time, and start enjoying the game!

One-Time Easy Payment of $27

Risk Free! 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

This Is More Than Just "Getting Better At Soccer"

Imagine driving your player to soccer practice three times every week, putting in time and money, hoping to see them shine in games. 

But things haven't been going as you'd hoped. Your child often ends up on the bench during games or gets taken out early.

All the driving and expenses start feeling like a lot, and both you and your child start to feel less excited about it.

Now, things are changing for the better. In the time between practices, after being on the field, or even at home, there's something new they can do. 

It's The Protocol where all your player has to do is "Push Play & Train!"

After school, your child can use their tablet, phone, or TV to start a 20-minute training session. 

It's simple, and it's all about getting better at controlling the soccer ball while also getting faster and more agile. You don't need to search on YouTube for videos or wonder if the practice they're doing is really working.

And guess what?

This is where the amazing part begins.

With more confidence in their soccer skills, their soccer coach is going to start to notice

The change is incredible: more time on the field, your child becomes a key part of the team, full of confidence and a fresh love for the game.

The fun of playing comes back, and the journey that used to feel tiring turns into an exciting adventure of growth and success.

The Protocol isn't just about getting better at soccer. 

It's about gaining confidence, getting more chances to play, and feeling proud of what your player achieves. It's not just about the game; it's about the journey that leads to success on the field and in other parts of life.

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Get Instant Access To The Protocol Today!

Train at home and get thousands of touches on the ball so you can get off the bench, earn more playing time, and start enjoying the game!

One-Time Easy Payment of $27

Risk Free! 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee