"Could This Be The Easiest Way On Earth To

Become A Better Soccer Player, At Home?

This Same System Seems To Be Generating An Immediate Improvement In Skill For Almost Every Player Who Tries It...

From: Coach JR Haworth
Tampa, Florida

If you play soccer and want to improve your skill and ability...

...this can be a bonafide game-changer for you. 

With this, you may quickly become the go-to player on your team...

Someone who other talks about as having "it..."

With such recognition and status, you're going to be one of the rare players enjoying...

More Play Time, More Goals,
& More Respect On The Pitch...


Because the system I'm going to tell you about is working right now -- in some of the most elite level training centers -- to improve technical development and fitness, in a short amount of time, for ordinary players...

Even for those who have little to no equipment, lack of practice fields, or heck, even cleats, yet are now seeing serious growth in their ability.

Sounds Interesting?

If so, you're about to understand why...

In the next 5 days, this one "training tweak" can bring you more development than a month's worth of practice... followed by consistent, daily results... that will impress your coaches and teammates to...

See YOU As The Go-To
Player On Your Team!

And, in minutes you can apply this tweak to any and all your training or practice sessions...

Without having to go anywhere special or buy any fancy equipment. You can can do it from home...

And... it PROVES to your coach why they should give you more play time... and PROVES to your teammates that your ability is second to none.

In more official soccer terms:

You can start seeing more results training at home in a short session than you do at a whole week at practice!

Just like it has for Nick's son and so many other players...

And, this strategy -- what you're about to see -- is working with so many different players regardless of skill level.

So no matter what kind of player you are, your position, or your ability and you want to improve your game, this will work for you.

It's even improving the conditioning and endurance for players with average to below-average fitness.

So even if you don't have access to "elite level training" or are even part of a team, you can still use this to see amazing results in your technical development.

What I'm talking about is...

A Unique At Home Training System:


It's not only a very different way of elite level training routines that you can do at home...

It's also a unique way of actually improving your technical development and fitness in a short amount of time...

...which makes it immediately apparent to your coaches and teams that they would be foolish not to put in during the game.

Simply put, it's a...

  • Different way of training that produces massive results...
  • Different way to get more out of your training routine...

And, without question, it's...

The Easiest Way On Earth To Train, Get Fit & Improve Your BALL CONTROL!

Hi. My name is JR Haworth, or Coach JR.

You may recognize my name...

I'm the creator of Renegade Soccer Training and have helped over 75,000 soccer players develop their ball control skills and playing confidence all from the comfort of their own home.

With virtual players from all over the world, I've seen every type of training routine there is including all of the strategies and tactics to produce positive results...

More importantly, what doesn't and why.

While tons of "soccer experts" struggle to produce results and provide actual development to players...

I've yet to see The Total Control System system not work within a players tool set to produce a consistent training routine that provide a high number of touches in a short amount of time.

Not only that...

It seems to be generating an immediate improvement in skill for almost Every Player who tries it.

And that's because it's an easy, fast way to absolutely nail THE most important piece in all of your training....

Get This WRONG... And Nothing Else Can Make Your Training Effective

Every successful club, coach, and trainer knows...

A progressive training systems that focuses on a high number of touches on all sides of your feet and forces you to move your body with the ball makes or breaks the success of your training efforts.

Aside from soccer IQ, getting a higher number of touches in a progressive system is the single most important element of your training routine.

It can mean the difference between you being on the bench... or... you being captain of the team.

A high number of touches in a progressive system...

Not juggling.
Not fancy moves.
Not fitness.
Not speed.
Not scoring goals.

No. None of those.

And this is why, when it comes to training and improving your game...

Progressive... touches... are... EVERYTHING!


The Most Accomplished Soccer Clubs Agree...

Fact is:

Even if you are going to practice... and you're working on your overall game... and you have all the fancy equipment at your disposal... with everything powered by the best soccer trainers and coaches...

None of those things will overcome a weak foundation on ball control. If the ball is not an extension of your body, it makes it hard for you to execute in other areas of the game.

In other words, the play time and respect on the pitch you enjoy will always be a direct reflection of the quality of touches you have on the ball.

It doesn't matter how on goal your kick is at, how fast you are, or how good you are at playing defense...

You have an average, ordinary touch, you'll ever experience average, ordinary success.

Plain and simple:

The magic is in having a solid technical foundation WHERE YOU HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL AND CONFIDENCE OFF THE BALL, whenever you are on the pitch. 

But that's not all.

You also need to understand...

How To Get More
Out of Your Training Routine...

Constructing the right training session is only half the puzzle.

What your training routine is or includes is only one piece which can make or break your development efforts.

*You also need to understand how to best frame and execute your training routine after it's been constructed properly.

Execute your training incorrectly, or even a little off, and you, your skill, and your game suffer.

You must have "the right training routine"... AND... "execute it the right way."

This is what legendary Ajax club preached:

Not sure what Ajax means by "individual ball skills"?

Well take a look at this little example below...

Mastering Individual Ball Skills Is The Key

How Big Of A Difference Does Training
With Progressive Touches Actually Make?

According to Ajax Youth Development, players complete a 10,000-touch workout once a day, at least six days a week. Think of it as putting money in a piggybank. This produces players that end up being accepted into academies and club teams. Players that have separated themselves from the pack on their own.

That means... you could be cutting yourself short simply by how you are training.

And that's just how you train.

What about the impact of how you actually construct and execute all the parts of your training routine?...

You can see why Sam Lilley, a proud Renegade parent, says...

And that is why, today, with everything going on in the world... the level of competition, the virtual training, and the widespread skepticism of players...

Having "Practice" & "Getting More Touches" Is No Longer Enough!

Not today...

Not if you want to compete or live in a crowded area.

And not if you want to stand out to your coaches or to your team and choose you over someone else.

And don't fool yourself...

There are thousand of other players that your team and coach can select from when it comes to their starters.

They can choose a rival... they can keep choosing whom they've always chosen... or.. they can simply do nothing.

You should NEVER... ever... underestimate the task of working on your development and getting your coaches and team to choose you.

Please recognize...

Your coaches and teammates have a crazy high level of doubt and skepticism today.

So it takes extreme, extraordinary measures to make sure they believe in you and your ability.

The Most Effecting Training Routine Is...

So, what is the most effective way to create and execute a training routine... that bursts through and gives you a high number of touches and gets you fit at the same time?...

...that makes it easy enough for you to do it at home without confusion and guesswork?...

...that makes it clear exactly what you need to train on, for how long, and allows you to track your progress?...


The Curriculum


This is our three year training curriculum that you can do at home that we call "The Total Control System."

Created by layering all of our technical development programs on top of each other in a progressive manner. 

As you finish one program, you'll know exactly which program to do next and what your focus is going to be on. 

How many programs? All 14 of them. 

This includes our programs such as Evolution of Touch, Puppet Master, Next Level Dribbling, and more!

Each program with a single focus, that you can do at home, in a short amount of time. 

We created all of our programs knowing that by the time a player was complete with our training, they would be able to:

  • Dribble the ball with confidence
  • Play with their head up
  • Put more shots on target
  • Pass effectively
  • Control the ball
  • Throw off defenders
  • Pull off any move at any time. 

This is the most comprehensive training system you'll find out there. 

Having The Total Control System Makes YOU Incomparable!

This isn't just another follow along "training program."

Look: Every expert worth their weight in salt knows that getting more touches is key.

Because the idea of being able to get more touches on the ball is everywhere today.

So everyone knows it...


The Total Control System Is Different Because of This...

It's more than just getting lots of touches. It's more than just another training program.

The Total Control System is our system for having an elite level training training camp for yourself. Totally customized to your needs... and...

A way of executing that training so that you get a high number of touches in a progressive manner while getting totally fit in short increments.

And that's really just the tip of the iceberg.

Because it does so much more.

In fact here are...

8 Things Having The Total Control System Does For You & Your Development

  • Makes the ball an extention of your body so you can play with your head up knowing where it is going to go. 
  • Proves to your teammates and coach that you do belong on the field. 
  • Demonstrates to your competition why you're going to be the one to watch out for.
  • Saves you time in knowing what to train on and how.
  • Dramatically improves your fitness so that you can last longer and push harder when it counts most.
  • Stop losing the ball to defenders because you freeze up and play with more aggression.
  • Makes training on the ball fun and enjoyable since it quick, easy, and effective.
  • Become an impact player that provides a massive help to your team and help them win more games!

And, one of the coolest parts of this method...

You can leave 90% of what you're already doing alone.

That's right. You only need to tweak one part of your training.

So putting The Total Control System to work is quick and easy.

So you can start training right now and get a thousand touches on the ball in as little as 20 minutes.

And you'll find that everything is already done for you. All you have to do is "Push Play & Train!" 

Elite Level High-Touch Training Sessions:
The Total Control System

Please understand:

It's taken me almost two decades of on the field, results oriented experience to discover and develop what you'll find in this training.

Not too mention, hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in training, coaching, equipment... with thousands of players trained... just to confirm this really is...

The Most Powerful System For Developing Confidence On The Ball!

Grab The Control System Now and


BONUS #1 - Maximize Your Progress

"Measure & Track Your Performance"


Right now, without question... you don't know if you are seeing any measurable improvement with your training.

Lot of players may "feel" they are getting better but we can't optimize feelings, we can optimize results.

Especially when it comes to game-day situations, what can be done in practice some how gets lost in translation.

All of these players spending hours a week working on different parts of their game and no "real" sign of improvement.

How would it impact your training if you knew exactly what was moving the needle forward in your development?

With access to this bonus training, you'll start capturing a big chunk of the data showing you how you are progressing or where you need to focus on a bit more when it comes to your touches.

You'll discover exactly by how much you have improved and where that places you against our beginner, intermediate, and advanced players.

Some of what else you'll find inside this Bonus:

  • How to almost instantly start improving your control and confidence on the ball... with an easy method to track your ability. 
  • The common issue, likely in how you're training, proven to hinder your development. Get rid of this immediately and you can see a quick jump in your progress.
  • How to get faster controlling the ball? Here's everything you need to know.
  • DO NOW! If you're just getting touches on the ball, then you're likely not developing as fast as you can. Find out what you can do, implement it, and accelerate your development.
  • How to know if you should or shouldn't push yourself. (HINT: You don't always want to go 100%, here's what you actually want to do.)
  • MISTAKE! Why the wrong training plan... could be costing you progress. And how to fix it.
  • A simple strategy to start making massive gains in your control and confidence on the ball starting as soon as tomorrow.
  • ... and much, MUCH MORE!

Get This FREE When You Order Today!

BONUS #2 - Maximize Your Control

"Get More Out of Every Training Session"


Getting better on the ball is never a problem when you have the right footwork patterns available to you.

The more a footwork drill forces you to move your body and change your touch on the ball, the better ball control you are going to develop.

So what determines if a footwork drill is good?

You guessed it, the number of progressive touches you get on the ball.

The higher this number goes for you... the more control you develop... the more this footwork drill does for you... the more fitness you develop... the more dominant you become.

Inside this Bonus, you'll discover our go-to footwork drills and:

  • Different footwork patterns for different skill levels to continuously challenge your ability and maximize your control of the ball.
  • Stop spending time searching for drills on YouTube when you can create your own using these high-touch progressive patterns.
  • Easily create a training session that will give you more touches in one day than a whole week at practice.
  • Add creativity to your dribbling so you can fake out defenders, control the ball, and open up passing lanes for your team.
  • Dramatically increase your level of fitness. High number of progresses touches means you're body is going to be moving -- a lot.
  • ... and much, MUCH MORE!

Get This FREE When You Order Today!

BONUS #3 - Maximize Your Game

"Translate What You Practice To Game Day Situations"


How do you transfer what you learn in practice to game day situations?

This ability directly impacts your ability to perform on the pitch and how productive you are to your team.

The more comfortable you are on the ball under pressure... the more you can execute -- the more play time you earn and the more impact you make.

With this Bonus, you'll not only see a significant increase in your ability to pull off moves during a game (no matter how many defenders are coming you)... you'll also see a decrease in freezing up and losing the ball followed by high-fives from your teammates and coaches.

No joke.

It works because of something called "The Pitch Perfect Method"...

It eliminates the guesswork on game-day execution, develops your muscle memory, speeds up your reaction time, creates a training environment for you to build, and turns you into a totally different player... all at the same time.

Inside this Bonus, you'll see how to set-up and run your own Pitch Perfect training session in under one hour.

And with this method, you'll not only be able to execute during the game, you'll have more support from your team as they become more excited about what you can do.

Plus, inside this Bonus, you'll also find out:

  • GOODBYE FREEZING UP! How to eliminate freezing up during a a game when the pressure is on using this three-part training method. Be able to EXECUTE every single time.
  • A surefire method to make the ball an extension of your body so it feels natural and effortless when you do it in a game. You'll be blow away by how your team will rave about you... and how it the other team will respect you!
  • SKILL RECIPROCITY? Execute these skills during a game and turn your team into raving students who praise you and want you to help them level up their game.
  • How to approach every training session... so that you get comfortable on the ball and feel confident as the footwork drills you work on become second nature.
  • The almost fool-proof tactic which turns any footwork drill and skill pattern into another option you can use on the field.
  • ... and much, MUCH MORE!

Get This FREE When You Order Today!

BONUS #4 - Maximize Your Mind

"Translate What You Practice To Game Day Situations"


Developing your skill is one thing...

Making sure your head is in the game is another.

Inside this Bonus, you'll discover the most effective way to build your mental confidence to produce amazing results on the pitch... WITHOUT getting burned out or "negative self-talk."

You'll know how to hype yourself up using our Renegade Method called Mental Mastery...

It keeps you accountable, fired up, and ready to play.

And turns anyone with self-doubt and low confidence into a player that is excited and ready to play.

If you've ever wondered how to get the most out of yourself and getting your mind right for game-day situations - WITHOUT getting burned out... you're going to love this.

Get This FREE When You Order Today!

Plus, you risk nothing today by grabbing this bundle.

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it's as simple and straight-forward as that.

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If so...

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Like I said at the beginning...

This will be a game-changer for you.

Coach JR.

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

If you want to go to goal, play with more confidence, and dribble past defenders... this is for you.

You're getting 14 separate training programs, layered one after the other in our Total Control System for a fraction of the value and cost that you would other wise get buying them individually one -- ONLY $997 bucks right now or 12 payments of $97. 

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"Testimonials shown are real experiences from paying users of Renegade Soccer Training. Their results are not typical and your experience will vary based upon your effort, environment, and forces beyond our control.