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After stumbling across some Renegade Soccer Training YouTube videos and seeing an Evolution of Touch ad on Facebook, I decided to get EOT for my 11 year old son as something I could work on with him to improve his soccer game. His skills improved so much that he went from the worst ball control on his rec team to the best over the winter break and after the 2017 spring season ended he was asked to join a travel club team in town. I then bought Next Level Dribbling and after 3 months of both programs, if I didn’t hear a compliment from a ref after the game, a parent or coach -  I'd think something is wrong.

This really is a great system and we do NLD and EOT in my sons bedroom. For this winter we are going to get Wall Work Warrior and then Total Control System. Take time with each program and your child’s skills will improve after a few sessions every week.

Nick Pylarinos, Proud Soccer Dad

What You Get With The RST Team Club Pass

Give your coaches and players the perfect supplement to their practices with our proven "Push Play & Train" systems 


Access To All Present & Future Programs

It's Like Having A Technical Coach In Their Living Room

Our programs are designed around one thing: "Push Play and Train" - a simple idea that takes out all the guess work an athlete has to do in order to improve their technical ability. From tight ball control, to speed of play, to attacking defenders, to a complete "off-day" trainer, we have the programs that are known to provide one thing - results. 

Our programs have helped over 11,000 athletes go from the sidelines to starting 11 at their own pace using our "progressive stacking system" that challenges every athlete regardless of their skill level. 

Evolution of Touch Can Be Accessed from any mobil device


Improved Coaching & Team Ability

Players & Coaches Will Execute Strategy With Pure Confidence

Let's face it, coaches don't have enough time during practice to teach both tactics and technical development. By signing up for our Team Club Pass, coaches can now focus on team tactics, dynamics, and mental toughness, while RST helps your team develop technical and physical qualities on off days.

This gives coach the ability to assign training to players, and to test the athletes progress over time to really reward development, regardless of age or skill level. 


True Player Development

A Year's Worth of Touches In Only A Month

In order to really improve technical ability, your players need more touches on the ball. That is why our programs our designed to give your players anywhere from 2,500 to 5,000 touches a session. Your players and coaches will see immediate improvement on with the ball, as well as improved soccer performance through getting ‘soccer fit’ on the ball. 

Partnering with RST helps your team by making them more comfortable on the ball, allowing them to keep their head up more so they can understand strategy and positioning during game day situations to really improve their Soccer IQ.

Plus, You Also Benefit From Having...

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    Off-day training with simple resources for coaches they can use to assign players so they can focus on both technical and soccer fitness work at home, even in their own living room.  
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    Track your athletes progress - Coaches can track progress for each individual athlete and provide them with tailored "homework" depending each players individualized needs. 
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     Train anywhere! - Using our online membership, your coaches and players can train regardless if they are at home, on the pitch, or even on vacation. Train on your phone, TV, laptop, or any device that connects to WiFi. 
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    Minimal learning curve - all of our programs are designed with the idea of "Press Play & Train," making it easy for any athlete, regardless of skill level, to jump in and start training. No random collection of videos, long PDFs, or guess work, just push play and follow along.  
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    Stay on track - All progressions are laid out on an easy to follow calendar that the players can print out and follow. Eliminates any guesswork on what workout needs to be done and on what day. Each program is structured to be easy to implement and benefit from.  
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    Full video workouts - Ranging from 25-40 minutes, our programs are complete workouts that focus on technical development. We include warm up and cool down videos as well to keep the body strong and able. 
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    Progress Tracker - Unique to RST, we include progress tackers with all of our programs so that the athletes can see where they are on day 1 and how much they have progressed over time. Keeping them motivated, engaged, and most of all, challenged. 
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    Step-by -step coaching - All of our programs explain the workouts in detail and provide ongoing instruction so that athletes can develop great technique and good habits as they progress along.   

What Some of Our Customers Are Saying...

Coach JR and his team and given my 11 y.o. son exactly what he needs to improve his ball skills and comfort level in 1v1.
He was a pretty good player on the team at the end of last spring.

We "went" Rogue this past summer. Then continued with at least 1 video 6 out of 7 days each week since. At winter evaluations, the coach said "let's be honest, he is the best player on the team.

Mastery of Touch has just continued to blossom the progression. Concrete evidence: his juggling record in August was 29, record in November was 167, his new record set on 2/1/18 was 394!
No extra juggling practice, just Renegade for life!

Sam Lilley, Proud Soccer Dad

I bought Evolution of Touch for my 11yr old. I was skeptical at first. After 30 days, it was amazing how much better he looked on the field. You could see he was confident with the ball. That confidence with the ball opened up his game by allowing him to see the field more.

I just bought the Total Control System for him to work on this winter. I can't wait to see how he plays in the spring.

Patrick Gilbert, Proud Soccer Dad

My guy started doing Renegade in October. The results were truly amazing (and I’m not being paid to say this). He scored more goals this winter than in his previous 3 years in travel combined. He was moved from fullback to midfield due to greatly improved dribbling. His confidence and play improved dramatically. Really incredible how much progress a determined kid can make with Renegade as a useful tool. Thanks guys!

Dave Port, Proud Soccer Dad

Little bit of bragging time, my 10 yr old son has been using the program 3 days a week since late October. Started with Wall Work Warrior and just finished section 8 of Next Level Dribbling. After reviewing with him the Renegade Pyramid and how to move the skills into the game, it finally all came together this weekend. I was astonished to see his quick cuts and smooth form as he weaved through the other team. He was proud of himself and loved how it felt. Now he wants to practice even more. Thanks to the group for good questions and good comments. Much of it had been applied and the results are wonderful!

Chris Alliman, Proud Socccer Dad