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Become a more aggressive player that is able to attack and apply pressure with Next Level Dribbling:

  • Progressive training system means that the workouts get harder and more challenging to maximize your results.
  • Track results with our progress tracker so you know exactly how much you are improving.
  • Step-by-step coaching and instruction. All you have to do is push play and train. No guesswork.

When it Comes to Players' Ability to Become A More Aggressive Player, There Are Two Major Problems...

Problem 1 has to do with the lack of touches that I see at practice. In US soccer practice, players are averaging anywhere between 300-400 touches a session. Most players practice 3 times a week with a few games on the weekends. This means, that on average, players are getting around 1500 touches a week. That is literally nothing. Looking at our European and South American neighbors, we see that these players are averaging close to 10,000 touches a practice.  

Players are not building the confidence they need in order to look up at the field and feel comfortable to play against the other team. 

I see it all the time, players are able to perform during practice, but when it comes to game day, they become a different player - afraid and panic when the ball is at their feet. 

On the other hand, we have players that depend on speed rather than confidence and try to out run the defense to go to goal...with little success rate. 

Problem 2 is that most players who do want to be better spend their off days and time outside of practicing not knowing what they should be training.

They do what they can in order to improve their ability.

Unfortunately most coaches are volunteers, do not have the time, or don't know the proper structure to develop an effective training routine that improves ball control and coordination on the players' own time.

This leaves many players looking all over the internet for videos, article, training plans, you name it - to try and get better.

However, they try one video and get frustrated because they see that the drill is beyond their skill level, can't see how it will work during a game situation, or just don't know where to start.

In short, players end up even more frustrated and left feeling hopeless - like they haven't improved at all.

I see it time after time, players killing themselves trying to develop their skill, yet failing.

But it is not their fault.

“most players who do want to be better spend their off days and time outside of practicing not knowing what they should be training on.”

Many players just don't have the system in place to improve their skill.

Lack of aggressiveness, which is due to a lack of confidence is a problem that affects thousands of players. It is what most major clubs and organizations have deemed to be the most determining factor when it comes to a players success.

If you can relate to this problem, we have the solution.

Next Level Dribbling is...

A progressive system that will put a stop to your lack of aggressiveness and give you the confidence to attack the defense.

You see, this is the same training that I make all of my players do who are also struggling with going to goal and being able to apply pressure.

In order to develop the ball confidence you need to attack the defense there are two pillars:

1. Rhythm & Coordination - ability to move your body around the ball

2. Precision - adding cones to develop accuracy with your touch. 

The reason why Next Level Dribbling  works so well is because we combine those two aspects of developing ball control in a Progressive Stacking System that we use. And what this is we divided all the ball control movements down into families and you start off with the absolute most basic patterns in week one ,and you master those. In weeks 2, 3, and 4, we add complexity and while removing a little bit of the simplicity. So literally by week 4, you are able to do all the intermediate and advanced movements.

You can literally see results at the end of the first week.

Now this is only one of the many features found within the training program.

Can you imagine your game when you have improved your ball control to the point where you can literally demand the ball off of other players feet?

Where you are comfortable with the ball out in spaces and can turn on any defender?

Where your are getting thousands of touches each day outside of practice developing your confidence on the ball?

As a licensed strength and conditioning coach, I have worked with thousands of athletes to improve their performance by focusing on the tools and methods that produce results. This led me to being hired by some of the top level coaches to improve their players performance.

However my passion as always been for the beautiful game, for soccer, And after training collegiate and semi pro players, I realized that nothing improved ball control, coordination, and improve confidence than a progressive system that focuses on maximizing touches in open space. This led me to create the Next Level Dribbling training program.

Next Level Dribbling is a Simple, Yet Effective Progressive Training System That Will:

  • Allow you take players on - Rather than kicking the ball out into open space, you'll gain the ability to control and look forward to dribbling past a defender. You can essentially control the pace of the game and create more of an impact. 
  • Make you into a more aggressive player - Gain the confidence to look at a defender, and WANT to go past them, knowing you can.  
  • Apply pressure to the defense - Finally feel what is like to be dominant on the pitch. Start demanding the ball more, make moves against the defense, lose the ball less, and become the go to player for your team and your coach. 
  • Increase your scoring chances - Keep your when up when it counts the most. When you gain confidence in your ability to control the ball, you are able to keep your head up and make smarter decisions, increasing your chances to make better plays and better position yourself to score.

... In Only 30 Days

When You Get The Program, Here Is What You'll Discover Inside

Over 40 Different Soccer Drills

40+ Soccer drills broken into 12 videos that will increase your ball control and coordination level in 30 days. These drills keep the workouts fresh, challenging, and fun. Access these videos on your computer, tablet, phone, or any device that can has a mobile/ Wi-Fi connection.

Progressive System

Already built into the videos, this progressive system will get challenging week after week to ensure that you are constantly getting better and better. You start with the basics but as you move up from video to video, the footwork patterns get a little more challenging, building up your legs and muscle memory, give you faster and better results. 

30 Day Calendar

A 30 Day calendar to keep you on track as you move through the system. Each day, you know exactly what video you need to do. It also highlights your progress tracker days so you can test yourself and see how much progress you have made. 

Guided Coaching & Instruction

No guess work. The system is completely laid out and each video has step by step coaching and instruction so you know how to do each move, with the right technique. There is no guess work. Just push play and train. 

The Progress Tracker

Unique to Renegade Soccer Training, the progress tracker allows you to see your results, and track how much you have improved. Rather than guessing and assuming you are getting better, the tracker also shows you your stage of development and what expectations you should try to strive towards. 

Check Your Progress with The RST Tracker

And Just To Make It Better...

As a bonus, I am also going to give you all the videos as downloadable MP3s. That way, you can literally train anywhere without having to watch a screen. 

Just plug in your head phones and listen to the queues as they tell you exactly which footwork pattern to do next and when to switch. 

And You’ll Get It All Today For Just One Payment of $127

That's right, $127.00
Evolution of Touch Can Be Accessed from any mobil device

So for less than the price of a personal one on one coach,  you can gain the confidence to attack the defense, goal to goal, and apply pressure on the defense and never again question or feel lost when it comes to knowing what to train on. You get 30 Days of  of step by step programming.

30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you unsatisfied with this program for any reason, return it for a 100% refund within the 30 day period. 

"I personally guarantee you'll be amazed at the results you get with this program. I don't want you to risk anything. If you see no progress, I'll refund you your money, no questions asked. 

- Coach JR

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The Next Level Dribbling is based off years of coaching and training athletes from all different kinds of backgrounds.

We incorporated so much into it including a progressive system that focuses on developing confidence with man beater moves with guided instruction and step by step coaching. All along the way, you are actually able to see your progress by taking the progress tracker. There really isn’t anything else out there that is the same as this program.

You have nothing to lose but time. Don’t waste this opportunity with doubt and end up looking back realizing you could have done more to give yourself the best possible shot of being the soccer player you wanted to be.


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Go ahead and click the button below and get one step closer to improving your ball control, coordination, and confidence so you can dominate on the field.

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