Gain access to ALL our technical training programs and develop your ability on the pitch. Regardless if you want to create a solid foundation or accelerate your skills, the Total Control System can help you.


Inside Total Control System:

  • Access to all of our top-selling programs with over 325 full blown, "Push Play & Train," step-by-step workouts.
  • Each of our programs are developed with our "Progressive Stacking System" which means players will never plateau, regardless of skill level.
  • Build up your confidence and control of the ball by getting thousands of touches on all sides of your feet.
  • Beat defenders 1v1, open passing lanes, improve speed of play, and go to goal with our proven systems.

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"From The Worst Ball Control On His Rec Team To The Best!"

After stumbling across some Renegade Soccer Training videos, I decided to get in for my 11 year old son as something I could work on with him to improve his soccer game. His skills improved so much that he went from the worst ball control on his rec team to the best over the winter break. After the 2017 spring season ended, he was asked to join a travel club in town. After 3 months, if I don’t hear a compliment from a ref after the game, a parent, or coach I'd think something is wrong.

NICK PLYARINOS  //  Proud Soccer Parent

The Only Technical Training You'll Ever Need!

If you want to take your soccer ability beyond where it is today, without having to spend countless hours sifting through YouTube videos, magazines, and forums, the All Access Pass might be exactly what you need.

Our focus is two fold. We aim to provide the best technical training available for you to get thousands of touches on the ball in a progressive manner that players, parents, and coaches can track, while making elite level training affordable to access.

On top of that, not only will you have the best training programs but you will get direct access to Coach JR and his network so you can get the specific answers you need, to help solve the specific problems you have AT THAT TIME.

- The Guardian

This Is Not Your Typical ‘Soccer Training Program’

This is where you'll develop your game with actual progressions you can track, not just drills or busy work. You get an actual curriculum.

Take A Look Inside!

So, why are we doing this?

  • The Current Soccer System Needs To Change: The current "American soccer" system is producing underdeveloped players, stressed parents, and frustrated coaches that have little to no support. We're going to change that by creating a community of support and resources to help you be a better player, parent, and/or coach.
  • Focus On Actual Player Development: We develop our programs to maximize touches in a short amount of time. Unique to Renegade Soccer Training, our programs have "progress trackers" to measure your improvement as you work through the programs - so you track, measure, and adjust your progress allowing parents to support, coaches to better facilitate, and players to stay motivated. 
  • Provide Better Support For Player, Parents, & Coaches: We know you have a bunch of questions you want answered - no matter how much experience you have in the sport - so we want to create a community where you can get your most pressing questions answered - even at 2am!

Get More Touches In
A Shorter Amount of Time!

$197/Year OR $29/Month. Cancel Anytime!

Risk Free! 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Here Are 6 Ways The All Access Pass Will Help You Level Up Your Game

  • A Specific Program For Your Specific Need: Regardless if you want to improve your confidence on the ball, speed of play, 1v1 ability, go to goal, or anything else, we have the right program to help you level up your game and get you more playing time. 
  • Progressive Development: Each one of our programs are built from the ground up with our "Progressive Stacking System" which means that the workouts get more and more challenging as you complete the program so that you never plateau. You also never have to guess on what to train on as we have everything laid our for you.
  • Get Thousands of Touches: We develop our programs to maximize touches on the ball with all sides of your feet. After just one week of using our programs, you'll get more touches than a whole season of going to practice. This means you'll level up your game faster and make a bigger impact to your team. 
  • Train Anywhere: All of our programs work in tight spaces so you can do them at home. Connect to Wi-Fi and you can take the training with you wherever you go and train on your device. Rain, snow, or shine it doesn't matter. When you want to train, we're there with you.
  • Low Cost: Elite level training does not have to be expensive. With the All Access Pass, your get all the training you need for one low monthly cost. Plus since our programs our progressive, you can use them to train over and over and continue to see results!
  • Train For The Whole Year: Rather than just ONE training program, you get them all. To make it easier for you to get results, we outlined how to use the programs over a year to continue improving your game regardless of the skill level that you may be at. 


The Total Control System - All Access Pass provides you with the specific programs your need to develop your ability on the pitch. Regardless if you want to create a solid foundation or accelerate your skills, the All Access Pass can help you.

$197/Year OR $29/Month. Cancel Anytime!

Risk Free! 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

What Other Soccer Players,
Parents & Coaches Are Saying...

"You could see he was confident with the ball...'

I bought Evolution of Touch for my 11yr old. I was skeptical at first. After 30 days, it was amazing how much better he looked on the field. You could see he was confident with the ball. That confidence with the ball opened up his game by allowing him to see the field more. I just bought the Total Control System for him to work on this winter. I can't wait to see how he plays in the spring.

PATRICK GILBERT  //  Proud Soccer Parent

"This Program Is Phenomenal!"

This program is phenomenal! My son is a 2007 player currently playing with 2006 U12 group and I really believe Renegade Soccer Training has made a huge impact. Highly recommend to anybody who is serious on becoming a better player.

SAM LILLEY  //  Proud Soccer Parent

Outside or Inside, Train Anywhere!

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The Total Control System All Access Pass is $197 / year OR $29 / Month.

You can gain access to the exact programs you need to play with confidence, go to goal, and beat defenders. By paying for the year, you end up saving $150. Or, choose to pay $348 over 12 equal payments of $29.

$197/Year OR $29/Month. Cancel Anytime!

Risk Free! 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

The Total Control System Difference

Rather than giving you an assortment of videos that you need to figure out how to use, fancy trick videos that don't translate to game day situations, or the same ol’, re-hashed content...

The fundamental difference of All Access Pass is that it’s not designed to overwhelm you with information you’ll never go through or use…

...it's designed to give you direct access to the programs you need when you need them and then the resources you need through interactive support to get you the results you want.

"helps me with my natural instinct to pull off moves at any given time..."

Originally, we wanted to wait until Spring/Summer so I could go outside and do the program. Ultimately, knowing the quality of other Renegade Soccer Training programs gave me the confidence to buy. I love the unique combinations of footwork skills. It's very refreshing and helps me with my natural instinct to pull off moves at any given time. I absolutely recommend this program to anyone who is willing to put in the time. 

MATTHEW ESPELIEN  //  Proud Soccer Player

"My Son Is Developing More Control..."

Easy online access to the videos and training materials, price, and top notch instruction. My son is developing more control and he is handling the ball much better. I can see his confidence increasing and I've told a few of my son's teammates' parents about the program. Love what you guys are doing. Keep the great content and excellent instruction coming.

K WHITE  //  Proud Soccer Parent


100% True Renegade Money-Back Guarantee!

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, just send us an email within 30 days and we'll refund your investment. No questions asked.

- Coach JR & The Renegade Soccer Training Team

Don't Take Our Word For It...

"The results have been phenomenal!"

We didn't have any reservations - We've been using have used Renegade Soccer Training programs consistently and wanted to add some new workouts to our routine. We love the new moves!! The results have been phenomenal! My kids won't eat breakfast until they have completed Mastery of Touch. I would recommend this program a million times yes!!! Anyone who is looking for more confidence on the ball, more touches on the ball or quicker feet. We have been doing this program and my kids have benefited tremendously. Juggling, first touch, and quickness on the ball have all improved. There is no other product on the market that offers what Renegade offers and especially for the price. This program is well laid out and easy to follow for all ages. We highly recommend this program!!

STEPHANIE REAM  //  Proud Soccer Parent

"the variety of drills and the sequencing of the drills within the videos. He really likes the 1v1 moves"

My biggest hesitation in joining Renegade Soccer Training was whether my 12 year old would actually perform the drills. Knowing that he had 3 younger siblings who could also use the system made the decision a no-brainer. We chose to purchase the program due to the previous success with the other programs in the series, quality of the previous programs and the opportunity to get high volumes of useful touches at home. My son’s favorite feature so far is the variety of drills and the sequencing of the drills within the videos. He really likes the 1v1 moves at the end of the programs. While my son hasn’t completed the entire first 30 days of the program yet, he participated in a Futsal Tournament over this past weekend. He looked like he had better ball control, made 1v1 moves that he would not normally try and most importantly he got better with the ball on his foot. | I would recommend the Evolution of Touch II to any level of soccer player who is looking to develop their ball control skill as and feel more comfortable on the ball. My son really enjoys the Mastery of Touch videos and the drill progression. His comment “Well now I will be able to help my team” after he completed the first video.

JEFFREY WILLS  //  Proud Soccer Parent

See How Our #Renegade4Life Players
Train At Home!

$197/Year OR $29/Month. Cancel Anytime!

Risk Free! 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

You Might Be Wondering (FAQ)

How Do I Access The Content?

All of our programs are held in a customer only access portal on our website. Once your purchase is complete, you'll be sent login details to the email you used to purchase. Once you receive that email, you'll have further instructions on how to login into our site. From there, you'll have access to our entire suite of technical development programs including.

Can I Download The Videos?

No. Our programs are behind a customer only access portal that does not allow for downloads. However, all of our content is accessible if you have the ability to stream content. We do have an app being developed that will allow a download features. We also provide you with MP3s of all the videos with audio clues so you can train anywhere.

How Long Can I Do The Programs For?

As long as you want. Our programs are built around set routines such as 30, 60, or 90 days and once you have completed them, you can redo them to increase your skill. The programs are designed to have you push yourself so there is always improvement. These videos will give you a great supplement to your ongoing training.

What Age Is This For?

U9 and up. All of our videos focus on building a solid foundation. If the weeks that follow, the simplicity is taken away and complexity is added. This type of programming allows for anyone, from U9 and up to progressively get better.

What If I Have Practice?

If you have practice, you can use the Rogue's Den as a supplement to get more touches or as a recovery workout. You can also schedule out the routines we have outlined for you across a schedule that works for you. It might take you longer to complete the program, but you’ll have a system that works for you.

What if I Have More Questions?

Email us at [email protected]

Get INSTANT Access To Total Control System Today!

The All Access Pass provides you with the specific programs your need to develop your ability on the pitch. Regardless if you want to create a solid foundation or accelerate your skills, the All Access Pass can help you.

$197/Year OR $29/Month. Cancel Anytime!

Risk Free! 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee