Each week we get dozens of questions regarding which program is best…

And that truly depends on your game’s needs.

So, let me give a quick rundown on each program.

Our premiere program is Total Control System.

It is an amazing system that progresses from basic ball touches and movement work to high level ball control and fitness.

But, TCS also has all three of our 30 – Day programs, so you can literally decide how much time you want to train on off days, and what to focus on!
The three, 30-Day programs all have a specific focus:

Tight Ball Control (Evolution of Touch)

Dribbling in Space at Defenders (Next Level Dribbling)

1st Touch & Speed of Play (Wall Work Warrior)

So, with Total Control System, you have a complete training solution, that will last from U10 to semi-pro level player training.

The different 30-Day programs can all be done over and over and results continue to come!

People ask me all the time about Total Control System, and here is what I have to say:

‘TCS Will cost you 1/3 of a summer camp at a university, and you will actually see your game change faster than ever before. This isn’t an ‘experience’ or some gimmick. You simply press play, and follow along. If you are serious about being a soccer player, TCS is a no-brainer.’

What if I Just Want to Start Off with a 30 – Day Program?


Here is a quick rundown of each:

Evolution of Touch – Tight Ball Control / Confidence on the Ball

This is the program many players choose to start with, because they simply aren’t getting enough touches on the ball. EoT will get you thousands of touches daily, and you can do it right in your living room. The videos progress from simple to more complex and you will master over 35 different ball control patterns. Although this is a 30-Day program, you get lifetime access, so do it over and over to see more results!

Next Level Dribbling – Dribbling in Space / Beating Defenders

This program stems from our man-beater progressions. So many players were asking for help taking on defenders, so we decided to share how we develop the ability to toy with defenders. Again NLD is a 30-Day program, but you get lifetime access. This program was just released a month ago, and our feedback from thousands of athletes has been outstanding!

Wall Work Warrior – 1st Touch / Speed of Play

This aspect of development isn’t the ‘cool’ factor… but it is probably the most important. WWW develops the ability to receive the ball, gain control instantly, and get it back off your feet with amazing efficiency. Turn on any UEFA or World Cup match and you will see very few fancy moves. What you see if very fit players with amazing first touch. WWW develops that ability faster than any other method we know!

Well, that is a quick rundown of our programs!

It’s a long summer, and you could choose to completely change as a player over this next couple months…

Will you?

Are you ready?

If so, let RST help you…

Hop in our membership area, and start improving today!